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Assoc. Professor Ho Thi Thanh Van

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  • 21/05/2021

At present, climate change has become a burning problem worldwide, threatening the living environment and limiting the development of many countries.


2020 - the whole world faces COVID-19 causing severe damage, ringing the alarm bell about ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION more urgent than ever In order to contribute a small part of her efforts in raising public awareness to protect the environment in Vietnam and possibly spread to regions at home and abroad, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Thi Thanh Van together with the group research haPROJECT-GREEN LEAVESs launched the project "artificial leaves" to help cut greenhouse gas CO2.

Green Startup Bootcamp 2021 is a project sponsored by GIST - an organization of the US government. The project aims to create opportunities for Start-ups in the field of Environment to approach, receive advice and evaluation from consultants for Start-ups, organizations and businesses. .. as well as experts in the field of environment. From there, support projects and ideas for strong and sustainable development, contributing to environmental protection and long-term human development.

The Green Leaves group with the project "Artificial leaves absorb CO2 greenhouse gas by new MgO-based nanomaterials" under the advice and scientific guidance of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Thi Thanh Van, Head of Science, Technology and Planning Department- Ho Chi Minh City University of Natural Resources and Environment has just won the Champion of Green Startup Bootcamp 2021 and won the award for the most favorite project for businesses.

The project team gathered with 6 members, including students of engineering, economics and middle and high school students who are passionate about scientific research. Outside of school hours, everyone in the group shares the same passion and desire to apply the knowledge they have learned to research and manufacture products that are applicable to life, contributing to the community to join hands to protect the environment, guide to sustainable development.

New Ideas Breakthrough CO2 Greenhouse Gas Cuts

Trees have long been a factory to improve the air quality for us to live by filtering all harmful dust, providing O2 and absorbing CO2. About a quarter of a hectare of green trees can provide enough O2 for 18 people. A dire scenario going on that threatens the Earth's already unstable atmosphere is that trees emit CO2 when the temperature is high instead of absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen and some plants at night. and emits CO2. Trees are having great changes before the effects of climate change. In addition, with extreme weather, storms and floods are more and more frequent. The consequences of these storms are a lot of natural trees falling down, causing danger to people, especially in areas. inner city, big city.

From the above facts, we want to develop the idea of ​​research and development so that artificial leaves that absorb CO2 can solve practical and urgent problems with a high responsibility of contributing to the community. towards the goal of reducing greenhouse gases and reducing global warming due to CO2 emissions.

The Group's project "Artificial leaves to absorb CO2 greenhouse gas using new MgO-based nanomaterials" is considered as one of the breakthrough and potential solutions for proactively reducing CO2 greenhouse gas along with Natural green trees protect the fresh earth, towards sustainable development with the following outstanding features: CO2-absorbing artificial leaves can selectively absorb CO2 in the air based on the absorption and absorption mechanism. with outstanding characteristics of nano-based MgO materials and especially high CO2 absorption efficiency in industrial zones and areas with high CO2 emissions.

Artificial leaves have many advantages compared to natural plants as they do not need to be cared for and can absorb CO2 day and night while some natural plants at night emit CO2. The CO2 absorption efficiency of artificial leaves is much higher than that of natural plants.

Artificial leaves can shape the tree at will, suitable for aesthetics. We can put it in the room decorated like a fake tree. The amount of CO2 after absorption can be recovered as raw materials for industries such as companies producing carbonated soft drinks, algae farming, etc.

Innovative environmental start-up project with high practicality

This is a breakthrough new idea and is at the forefront of technology not only in Vietnam but also in the world energy corporations and research institutes want to approach, so in order to build ideas and implement projects. is a great effort and enthusiasm of the scientist and the project team. In addition, this is an environmental and highly practical start-up project and investors will accompany the actual implementation project to serve the community and society, so the business model and solutions should be considered. The project construction roadmap that must be developed during implementation is also one of the difficulties that the team has overcome.

Assoc.Prof  Dr. Ho Thi Thanh Van - Head of the Department of Science, Technology and External Relations - Ho Chi Minh City University of Natural Resources and Environment who is a lecturer in science for the group commented: this is a breakthrough new idea and is at the forefront of new technology not only in Vietnam that the world is interested in. Currently, large energy corporations and research institutes around the world are looking to access CO2 capture technology in order to reduce the rapidly increasing amount of greenhouse gas CO2 globally. Therefore, this project is practical to solve the situation that the whole world is facing with global warming and is in urgent need of countries to join hands in coming up with solutions to reduce CO2 greenhouse gas. in order to mitigate the enormous impacts of climate change occurring.

Professional Jury of Green Startup Bootcamp 2021 :


Mr. Vu Van Tu - CEO & Founder of SpaceShare



Mr. Aaron Everhart - Hatch Ventures CEO, International Donors Southeast Asian Entrepreneurs



Professor Nguyen Huu Ninh

  2007 Nobel Peace Prize from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - Chairman of the Management Council of the Center for Environmental Education Research and Development (CERED) under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA)

Funding sources for research on start-up projects are currently not much and laboratory equipment for project implementation is very limited. However, with the passion for scientific research to serve the community and the enthusiastic guidance and encouragement of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Thi Thanh Van, the team tried to excel in each round of the competition and moreover, overcame all. own barriers. The title of Champion of Green Startup Bootcamp 2021 is a source of encouragement for the team to continue pursuing ideas and enthusiasm for community service, start-up innovation in the future.

Green Leaves Group - University of Natural Resources and Environment Ho Chi Minh City has just won the Champion of Green Startup Bootcamp 2021. This is a contest sponsored by an organization of the US Government GIST and SpaceShare, Campus. K Cowoking, VCIC (Vietnam Climate Change Innovation Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology) and Hatch Ventures.


Green Leaves Group - University of Natural Resources and Environment Ho Chi Minh City has just won the Champion of Green Startup Bootcamp 2021 contest.